Workflow triggers


Triggers are events happening in a company. These can range from small everyday changes to huge events affecting the direction of the company you are interested in.

Every trigger is categorized. This means that our AI placed it under one or more tags that describe the event content. As an example, a single trigger could be the following: Vainu Finland Oy has an open position for a developer.


Triggers are best viewed as events that either kickstart a workflow or affect a workflow in your business. Therefore you need to bring them to the people who manage or consume these workflows.

Traditionally we used to send these triggers via email, but information rarely ends up to your business systems if it lies in one email inbox. Our more modern approach aims to deliver these directly to CRM as a task, lead or opportunity.

Different events may cause different workflows. Events can be easily sorted or directed to varying paths with our tags. Minor events might be interesting, but the action required might be something else for a significant change.

Build your worklows

Workflow triggers are available as webhooks from the Vainu platform. You can create multiple combinations of different events and destinations to ensure the correct trigger ends up in to correct workflow.

You can set the delivery URL for the webhooks at the Vainu platform. This feature has no API support yet.

Access triggers as signals

The Get Signals endpoint offers the same data as the triggers sent as a webhook. This means that even though the webhooks aren't available at the API, the data itself is. The Get Signals endpoint works well if you need the get this data from time to time or display it on demand.

The API also provides data from history, where webhooks work in real-time. More analytical approaches for Triggers may benefit from historical data.