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Get access to millions of companies through 300+ data fields with Vainu's API.
Connect with REST and fuel your business systems with robust company data.

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curl --request GET \
     --url '
        &vainu_custom_industry__startswith=SaaS' \
     --header 'API-Key: key' \
     --header 'Accept: application/json'

Integrate with high performance

Find and enrich new company data, make sure your data stays up to date, or generate trigger events for your workflows based on changes happening in companies. Vainu API includes a toolset for building integrations with your business systems. Our modern, high-performance API ensures that heavy loads and large datasets travel smoothly.

    "confidence_score": 0.2535708546638489,
    "confidence_class": "high",
    "confidence_thresholds": [
    "source_version": "classifier-fi-v009",
    "type": "industry_category_second_level",
    "value": "Food Processing"
    "confidence_score": 0.13723935186862946,
    "confidence_class": "low",
    "confidence_thresholds": [
    "source_version": "classifier-fi-v009",
    "type": "industry_category_second_level",
    "value": "Retail"

Access unique data points

Get access to millions of companies to sort and filter them with 300+ data fields. In addition to the data from local authorities, Vainu provides you with unique data points collected by our crawlers and processed by our AI. Give easy access to meaningful information and display the data anywhere you need it.

   "won": true,
   "origin": "PublicApi",
   "modified": "2018-06-09T12:30:39.923Z",
   "created": "2018-06-09T12:20:21.341Z",
   "prospect_info": {
      "vid": 463880794,
      "company_name": "Vainu Finland Oy",
      "business_id": "2822996-6",
      "country": "FI",
      "domain": ""
   "id": "2b1961522a6e7f19c3e5ac08",
   "prospect": 463880794

Automate sales and marketing actions

Automate actions across your business systems based on relevant company changes in your target markets. Track any change in any of the data points in Vainu, and help sales and marketing act upon these changes as they happen with appropriate messaging.

Juuso Happonen

Senior Data Analyst at Tesi

"We use Vainu API to enrich our own database with Vainu Custom Industries and confidence scores. It helps us to build highly accurate and detailed customer segments for further analysis."

Thomas Pierog

Product Owner at webCRM

"We've used Vainu API to build a strong integration for our webCRM users. The API is very powerful and flexible and the Vainu team provides top-notch support in a timely manner."

Ville Heimonen

Lead Developer at
Oikotie Työpaikat

"We use Vainu API to create information-rich company profiles. It's an easy-to-use and modern API."