One-to-One search

One-to-One search

One-to-one searches are customised APIs for different CRMs. They aim to provide search features of Vainu's API in native formats or architectures that can be utilised within the CRM without development or other applications.

These APIs provide native tools to set up and utilise native search interfaces that CRM provides. As the main functionality is searching, not all features of Vainu API will be supported. Functionality also varies between CRM systems and the methods they offer for external data services.

Supported CRMs

One-to-one supports Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Access for both uses separate authentication and needs to be requested from the Vainu contact person.


One-to-one search for Salesforce is offered via External data sources using the Federated search feature.

Microsoft Dynamics

One-to-one search for Dynamics is offered via Virtual entity data sources using OData v4 API to serve the data.