What is Vainu API

Vainu and our data

Vainu collects raw data from millions of public and private sources and unifies it to provide company information that is in-depth, reliable, and actionable. Vainu also provides the latest news on companies and identifies the ones likely to become your customers.

We offer this data through our API, platform, and various prebuilt integrations.

Summary of the API

Our API consists of two major parts. The Data API is designed for getting data out from Vainu databases. You can use various filters and searches to narrow down the company or companies you wish to find. All of our data fields are available from the API, and for future additions, we have an API first methodology, where the API should be the first place to get your hands on new datasets.

The Integration API aims to help you to build your integrations, applications or other more complex solutions. We have various tools for you to interact with us to get real-time updates, sync with our Vainu platform or store your information on Vainu's side.

These API's will work nicely in parallel to ensure that all the data you need find the correct target in your systems.

Search for companies or domains

With modular GET companies endpoints, you can either get the specific data you need quickly or build complex searches to get the exact group of companies you need. Whether you need to get information based on an organization number or find all SaaS companies with a certain turnover, the Vainu API has you covered, and much more.

Take a look at the filtering guide to find out more about the capabilities and functionalities of this API.

Build integrations and workflows

Vainu API includes a toolset for building integrations with your business systems. Find and enrich new company data, make sure your data stays up to date, or generate trigger events for your workflows based on changes happening in companies.

Examples of integrations and applications include company data updates in real-time, enrichment of incoming leads, company search interfaces, extensions on services, and much more.

Take a look at our use cases to find more practical examples of what the Vainu API can do for your business.

Extend with our other functionalities

In addition to our API, Vainu's data can also be accessed through a user interface. We offer a company search platform, embedded company profiles, and prebuilt integrations for selected systems.

Vainu's API can be used to extend and utilize these functionalities to make sure all your solutions and services work towards the same goals and work in sync.

Take a look at our main website to find out more about our other solutions.

Partner up with integrations

Vainu offers an expanding list of pre-made integrations for various systems. The best part is that these integrations usually don't require development efforts for setting them up. They are available through the Vainu platform, multiple marketplaces, and through our partners. An increasing amount of these integrations are built by our partners and used by their customers.

Our list of partners includes system providers, development teams, and consultants. Usually, our partnership allows you to include or sell our data with the integration you have built for your customers. It is also possible to use our existing integrations in your customer projects.

We are always looking for new partners and ideas. Reach out to us to discuss partnerships further. Let's get creative!