Modifications and data changes

Getting recent data

Companies can be queried based on timestamps when data or a specific data field has been changed. These queries can be built by either using the basicmodified field as a filter parameter or combining the Modifications prefix to the targeted field or fields.

Vainu also supports webhooks, where the notifications about data changes will be sent directly to you. You can read more about webhooks under Integration topics.

Both methods can be used with filter types to create date ranges or other more complex queries.

Basic Modified

Basic modified (basic_modified) returns all companies where basic data has been changed according to the given timestamp and query. Basic modified timestamp gets updated when any of the fields supporting Modifications queries changes. Usually, this type of change indicates that other data in the same category may be changed as well.


Example on data changes

Usually, changes in financial data like turnover, indicate that all other financial data fields have been updated or changes due to the shared sources of certain types of data.

Example of basic_modified request where data has been changed since 2016-04-20 and turn over is greater or equal to 500000.

Modifications on single field

Changes of data can be queried from specific data fields with modifications_ prefix on the filter parameter. Fields supporting this feature are listed below.


Fields supporting basic modified and modifications queries

company_name, company_names, domain, industry_codes_local, nstatus, phone, profit, restricted_for_marketing, staff_number, status, turn_over, vainu_status, visiting_address, visiting_city,
visiting_county, visiting_municipality and visiting_postal

Example of modifications query targeting companies where address data has changed since 2021-06-15 and location is in Sweden.