Getting access to the API

To be able to use the Vainu API you need a valid Vainu license with API permissions included. Licenses may have limitations as to which databases or datasets are available. Please contact your Vainu representative for further questions regarding licenses.

Using Vainu API requires authentication either by an API Key or traditional HTTP basic access.

API key authentication

API keys can be obtained from the Vainu Platform. In the Vainu platform, you can create, disable and manage your API keys. API key management can be found in the Settings, in the 'API Keys' section of the platform. The maximum amount of simultaneous active API keys is three per account.

The API key is used as an API key header in the request.

API-Key: c031d56b97320ab3c0690850d52d8059d998f4d7851b3c15e2586b5594745aee

Basic Access authentication

Basic access authentication – commonly referred to as "basic auth" or HTTP authentication – uses the same login credentials as the web interface. For Basic access, you need to use an Authorization header with a base64 encoded username and password.

Authorization: Basic <base64(username:password)>

JWT (API trials only)

API Trials are authenticated with JWT tokens. These tokens offer limited access to the API for a limited amount of time.

With upcoming releases, full support of JWT authentication will be included in Vainu API.

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