Migrate from Vainu API v1 -> v2

Documenting differences between api v1 and v2 to assist migration


Vainu API V2 API's are at the same time more simple and more flexible.

Same familiar response format (json) and authentication methods are available in Vainu API V2 (TokenAuth, BasicAuth).

Few datapoints have changed names or have been simplified.

This makes migration from Vainu API v1 very simple.

Highlights of new features in Vainu API V2 compared to V1

By migrating to Vainu API V2 you get all access to all the latest features:

Vainu API V2: Companies API

In Vainu API v2 we have simplified all the Company Data API's to a single dynamic API that can be used to get any set of datapoints you need. This API is called Companies API

Example: Migrate api.vainu.io/api/v1/prospects/filter/ to Companies API

Endpoint changes from https://api.vainu.io/api/v1/prospects/filter/ to https://api.vainu.io/api/v2/companies/

Same get-parameter query is supported. For example getting data for single business_id: https://api.vainu.io/api/v1/prospects/filter/?business_id=25578642 to https://api.vainu.io/api/v2/companies/?business_id=25578642.

Default fields returned from Companies API's and fields returned from v1/prospects/filter/API have these differences:

  • Companies API includes fields 'email', 'deregistration_date'with default set of fields
  • Rename: nstatus => status (active / inactive)
  • Rename: status => official_status
  • industry_code,industry_code_2,industry_code_5 => industry_codes OR official_industries(can be added by using &fields=official_industries)

When migrating to Companies API we encourage specifying the fields you need exactly with fields parameter.