Embedded Vainu

Vainu company profiles

Vainu offers data as embedded company profiles, also known as Vainu View. These Vainu View's work as an iframe component and can be embedded just about anywhere when a couple of requirements are met.

Vainu View uses business id and ISO-2 county code (i.e. FI, SE, NO...) as path parameters to define which company Vainu will display. Besides this, Vainu View might need additional components to your Vainu license to function.

Embedding the iframe

The Base URL for the Vainu View is "https://app.vainu.io/embedded". After this, you need to insert ISO-2 country code and business id to the path, with some optional parameters to define what Vainu should display.

ISO-2-country = "FI";
business_id = "01098628";
params = "showAll";

	src={"https://app.vainu.io/embedded/" + ISO-2-country + business_id + "?" + params} 
  title="Vainu View"

Available display parameters are following. You may combine different parameters to customise views.

showAllShow full company profile (default)
showBasicInfoShow basic company information
showEmployeesShow employee data
showFinancialsShow financial data
showGroupShow group data
showLocationsShow location data
showRealEstateShow real estate data
showRegistersShow register data
showSignalsShow signal data
showSocialsShow social media data
showVehiclesShow vehicle data
showWebProfileShow web profile


It is possible to authenticate Vainu View either by username and password or by API-Key. For password authentication, each user has to use their Vainu credentials. API-Key authentication opens access to Vainu View for each user who has access to the iFrame component.



Vainu View licenses

Vainu View licenses limit the number of users that have access to the View. Therefore password-based authentication is enabled by default, and API-Key based authentication may need a higher tier license.