Requesting signals

Signals can be fetched from a separate endpoint that returns signal data instead of company data. Using the signals endpoint works in general as getting the companies, with a couple of unique methods.

All the signal data returned is sorted by date-time, with the latest signal first. When requesting signals you should specify a date-time range or filter to get signals from a specific timeframe. Companies can be targeted as in the companies endpoint using filters.

Date ranges

A parameter called signalsdatetime can be used to specify the date limits or a date range from which signals will be included in the response. This parameter works with _gte, _gt, _lte and _lt filter types, which describe whether the date-time should be greater or less than the parameter. Date range can be achieved with combination of signalsdatetimelte and signalsdatetime__gte.

Example request for signals

The following query will return all the signals from Swedish companies named Vainu since 2020-01-01.