Location data


Vainu has data of all known locations of the company. This data can be divided into two categories where the root level address on response and in address and visiting_address parameters is the company's official address. Other addresses include all the known locations of the company.

Address and visiting address

In some cases, postal and visiting addresses for the location aren't the same. Vainu has separated these two into address and visitingaddress values, where the address without prefix is always the postal address and visiting prefix is the visiting address.


Real estate data

Visiting address of the Limited Liability Housing Companies (In Finnish: Asunto osakeyhtiö) is the address of the actual building. Postal address is the official address of the company.


Filtering parameters support the use of regions. Regions are according to the ISO 3166-2 standard. You can find the Nordic region codes according to the standard from the links below: