Popular use cases

Most common use cases of Vainu data

On this list, we have collected some of the most common use cases and issues our clients are facing and solving with Vainu. Go and see if your problem is listed and how it has been solved before. We also recommend reading the Integrations sections if you are planning to bring this data over to your systems.

1. Tired of outdated and inaccurate industry codes

Profile your customers, prospects, or other companies with more accurate industry information provided by Vainu.

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2. Looking for international upsell opportunities?

Track companies that have offices in other countries, multiple languages on their website, or some other indicators of international business.

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3. Need better company descriptions in your CRM?

We've you covered, here's how to get accurate descriptions of the company written by the company itself.

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4. Want more financial KPIs than just a revenue?

Vainu offers much more than revenues and profits. Here's how you can either retrieve the latest financial figures for companies or look at historic data to see trends.

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5. Autofill forms on your website

People are more willing to fill your forms if you limit the number of questions they need to answer. We can automatically enrich new contacts with company information such as country, industry, company size, and more

6. Find companies that use a certain technology

Vainu API provides a powerful way to find companies and websites that use a certain technology such as Hubspot, Intercom, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, and thousands of others.

7. Segment your existing customers

With Vainu API, you can enrich a selected list of companies - i.e. your existing customers - with available data points such as industry, size, and location.

8. Track important company-level changes

Do you need to know when a company appoints a new CEO, raises a round of funding, or announces plans to grow internationally? Many of these trigger events open up a window of opportunity for salespeople to take action. Vainu API helps you to discover these moments.

9. Discover companies that mention a specific keyword on the website

Sometimes your most valuable prospecting criteria is just one keyword. Vainu API allows you to track website metadata. For example, if you're interested in finding companies that mention keywords such as ISO-9001, circular economy, or GDPR on the website, Vainu API can return this type of data for you in no time.

10. Enrich CRM accounts with social profiles

Sometimes you want to include companies' social media accounts in your CRM. Vainu API makes it easy to enrich profiles with social media account links for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

11. Automatically update CRM accounts that go out of business / become inactive

No one wants to sell or market to companies that are not actively doing business anymore. Vainu provides this information in the Nordic countries in real-time and you can keep your CRM data in sync automatically.

12. Use Vainu's data in your own public company profiles

Several cities and municipalities and job portals have connected Vainu API into their public company profiles. This way, you can focus on building your user interface and Vainu takes care of the company data needs in the background.

13. Bring company data to PowerBI, Tableau, Quicksight, Qlik and similar platforms

Vainu API makes it easy for you to enrich your current BI system with up-to-date company information. Most of the BI platforms accept data entries in JSON and CSV formats. Vainu API returns the data in JSON and results can easily be converted into CSV files.

14. Build your own integration

We support CRM, Marketing Automation, and other software platform vendors if they want to build their own Vainu integration and use our data in their own platforms. Get a flying start by visiting the Integrations section for more information.

15. Build your own prospecting platform

Did you know that Vainu's own team is also using these same APIs when building the Vainu platform? If you want to create a unique and tailored experience for your SDRs and BDRs, Vainu API allows you to get the data needed for building your own company search platform.