Staff number and company size

Estimating company size

Vainu offers official and unofficial figures for employee counts. Official values are retrieved from officials and financial statements where companies report employee counts. These values update continuously but usually won't offer the most up-to-date data.

In addition to official data, Vainu provides models that estimate company size. These models use either data from LinkedIn or from open sources to provide estimates of employee counts. Compared to official data, these models may present more recent changes and trends and may display some unreported details.

Staff number

All staff_number values are always based on official data. This field can be found either from the root of returned data or from the financial_statements list. The root level field is always the most recent.

Company size indicator model

This model estimates company sizes based on Website and other open-source content. It has the biggest coverage of all models and brings overall accurate results.

LinkedIn employee count estimate

This model estimates company sizes based on people on LinkedIn and how many of them have listed the corresponding company as an employer. The data depends on the LinkedIn profile, and coverage will be limited by available company profiles on LinkedIn. Accuracy is industry specific and will be better in industries where LinkedIn profiles are more common among employees.

LinkedIn company size

This model displays the size class from the company's LinkedIn profile. This is something a company selects when the LinkedIn page is created. Coverage is similar to linkedin_employee_count_estimate, and accuracy relies on data the company has filled in and updated.