Looking for international upsell opportunities?

International companies

International companies aren't always straightforward to find. Usually, there isn't a single definitive data point to determine if the company works internationally. However, this can be concluded from various data fields where some have a direct correlation and some indirect.

Vainu database consists of Nordic countries, but in addition to that, we will have various data fields that have data from their subsidiaries, locations and events related to offshore businesses.

Group data

Group data is usually a good starting point to define in which countries the company operates in. In addition, group_data gives general information from the group, like total financial numbers and mother company.

Group data can be requested with fields parameter by adding "group_data" to the list of returned fields.

GET https://api.vainu.io/api/v2/companies/

Example payload of group_data would be following:

    "group_data": {
        "company_level": 1,
        "countries": [
        "currency_code": "EUR",
        "group_parent_business_id": "25578642",
        "staff_number": 149,
        "turn_over_local": 10542010,
        "group_parent_company_name": "Vainu. io Software Oy",
        "group_parent_country": "FI",
        "group_name": "VAINU. IO SOFTWARE",
        "turn_over_eur": 10542010


The official address of the company should always be in the same country as the company operates in. Besides official addresses, Vainu has a list of other locations tied to the company. This data is found under the "addresses" list. Addresses may be from international locations too, which gives a strong indicator that the company might have a subsidiary or an office in the country, address is located in.


"Internationalization" is one of the signal/trigger tags Vainu has. This signal type is the best way to monitor and get triggers from the companies that expand to other countries.

Website keywords

In addition to everything mentioned above, Vainu has a list of website keywords mentioned on the company website. This field consists of keywords and counts and is found under the "website_metadata" object in "keyword_frequency".

Website keywords are a handy tool if you need to find even weaker signals that the company operates in the country, location or even in a city you are looking for. This field alone isn't the most accurate method but may contain more information than the other field mentioned. Using it needs a little bit more thinking and logic to find out what you are after.

"website_metadata": {
    "keyword_frequency": {
        "er": 5071,
        "rma": 425,
        "man": 249,
        "en": 3985,
        "cloud": 25,
        "ud": 523,
        "on": 4422,
        "ai": 1545,
        "nu": 1263,
        "rea": 879,
        "company": 609,